Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get involved!

Get involved and support the project by contribution, which you feel is most satisfactory to you.

Corporations and legal entities

1. Support by advertising here

Companies may legaly support this project by win-win contribution via placing their ads here, on this web page and some other web sites with cummulative daily visitors count of above 1000.
The advertising price is freely to be set by each company itself!
Request more info by writing to

2. Credit or debit cards with month limit

Interesting support option are also credit or debit cards on the company account, with month limits. That way company would be able to support the project with limited meonth amount, and controll spending on the other side.
This is indirect support, because card will be used for my personal needs, but on the other hand the same amount can therefore be spent for the project.
Request more info by writing to

3. Consultancy / advisory contract on the field of energetics

Companies, related with energy production or distribution, may also consider supporting this project via a consulting or advisory contract with me. You may support my project as long as you wish, cancel at any time, and on the other hand you gain the exploatation rights on project discoveries vith such a contract. For that sake the contract minimum is 2000 EUR per month.
Request more info by writing to

Personal contribution

1. Donate few bucks

Most of you can donate few dollars or Euros for the support of the project. Be it really few bucks for the beer, or some bigger amount - it's up to you to decide. But remember - such a donations are cruicial at the beginning!
Click on PayPal icon on the left to donate.

2. Spread the word

It is the rule of thumb, that even the brightest idea will remain unexplored, if you leave it in isolation. So it is very important to spread the word among as many friends and social groups as possible.
Please, find social icons below each post and Like and Share it. Thank you!

3. Send an e-mail to your friend

Maybe you know somebody, who would be interested? Don't hesitate, send him/her an e-mail and recommend my bloh for reading. Maybe your decision to send e-mail will get things moving, who knows... Click on 'M' icon on left.
I just found this web site about Green Energy Innovations and you may take a look at it. Seems promising: 

4. Are you CAD designer?

A good CAD architect / designer for 2D and 3D drawings and blueprints is also welcome. Of course, your work will NOT be paid in case project fails, but if WE succeed, well...we all might get rich.Contact me for more info by writing to

5. Can you give away some usefull stuff?

If you have some interesting material to give away, I would be interested. For example, electric motors, generators, Neodymium magnets, magnetic shieldings, electronic instruments, Volt-meters, Amper-meters, etc. The only requirement is that equipment is not out of order - non-functional equipment is of no use, sorry. 
Request more info by writing to

My sincere thanks to all participants!


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