Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dimensional failure

We assume dimensions are kind of stacked one onto another, some assume TIME is 4th dimension, but it is maybe not so plain and simple.

Classic dimension stacking model is presented here:
As we see, 1D should be a line, 2D a flat object, 3D a volume space. Now 4D is mathemathically proven, as are upper dimensions, but are hard to understand, because our mind cannot visualize it.

Now, this I believe is wrong!

These are - by my opinion - only models for peace of mind, to think that we understand our 3D world. But no, sorry, 2D and 1D do not exist and can be disregarded. Our perception indeed is 2D, enhanced by shadows, lights and brain calculations, so we can distinguish flat from volumetric, distant from near, coming towards from going back etc. But we are only talking about how eyes picture our world! It is not a definition of a dimension only for the reason some eyeballs can see only flat surface!

Instead, we have MASS, which is 3D. Moving mass around in some time period gives us work, so I declare ENERGY to be 4th dimension. And as I said 1st and 2nd dimension do not exist, we can seize it down into simple world:

The existence fact is 1st, primary dimension. This is mass, atoms, and all structures above.
The changing fact is 2nd, secondary dimension. This is energy, changing thru time, space and transitions.

There are no other dimensions, sorry.

How can quantum mechanics laws still exist in 2 dimensional world?

This is yet to be explained, since above idea was a flick of the mind about an hour ago. I need to strenghten it down, to be more bulletproof.

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