Monday, May 7, 2012

Behind the spacetime theory in 5th dimension

I may consider myself as a practical or observal physicist. Don't have high degrees (except when ill), but have very flexible, sometimes chaotic mind, having the ability to make sense of not yet related components. So, let's exploit Einstein's General Relativity Theory beyond known.

General Relativity theory parts used

We'll limit to few anchor points from General Relativity theory, which is essential to get theoretical starting point for my ideas of STARMAG engine.
  1. First claim is: Newtonian perception of time and space was that time is separated from space and it only helps us distinguish between different states of space. Albert Einstein grouped those two into spacetime, both being unconditionally related, where space or time could not exist without each other. As the space we imagine can be curved, so can be spacetime curved, which is beyond our perception, and also on the very edge of what we'll need here in my dissertation.
  2. The next important Einstein's theory result is that time runs slower as gravity increases. It's easy to understand if we take into account previous claim - imagine what happens when some mass is influenced by strong gravity - it begins compressing, becoming smaller and tighter as gravity increases. the same is valid for spacetime, as it is one component, so so both mass and time are compressed under higher gravity.
  3. Next, Einstein's bright idea was also that gravity and acceleration have the same effects on by-gravity-influenced or accelerated object. Meaning, if you are in a rocket which accelerates 9,8 m/s2 (1G), you are under the same condition as another man, standing on the Earth surface, being also influenced with 1G of gravity.
  4. My addition to the theory, which is VERY important, is a logical distinction between components of spacetime and gravity. within conditions of extreme gravity, like in black hole, we know that mass is actually collapsed into non detected, same with time as a related component, while black hole's gravity extends beyond the physical borders of spacetime dimensions. As spacetime cannot escape gravity, gravity itself cannot be influenced or related to gravity, meaning gravity is NOT part of spacetime, but rather another extension, possibly called spacetime-gravity, which could be 5th dimension by all means

Let's imagine 3D world in 4D

As we are 3D ready-made, our mind cannot think beyond 3D, because it is 3D-based and that's its final range. So to imagine higher dimensions, we can help by degrading dimensional fields down to our perception for easy understanding.
My favorite story, mentioned earlier, is by imaging 2D nation, which only knows about 2 dimensions. 3rd dimension, as up-down is unknown to them, but for us it is perfectly normal, that we can step-into their 2D world from above, also it is perfectly normal to step onto one place in 2D, then lift our foot, make a step forward and land our foot again into 2D world in some different position, which presents plain miracle for 2D nation - our footprint appearing from nothing here, then vanishes and appears in another place again. Further, for us it is also normal to just touch 2D surface, or to step hardly onto it, and even to put thousands of tons of metal there - but for 2D nation it is all the same for them - always just a 2D footprint, without enormous differences in 3rd dimension.

It is quite the same with our perception of TIME component in spacetime continuum. We can easily imagine objects being smaller, bigger, squeezing or extending them, but we cannot percept how to do the same with time dimension - how can time be expanded, compressed, how can we move in time backwards, forward, left, right and up and down. None of these can be understood by our mind naturally.
But in theory and actually in FACT it is all possible, it definitely is happening all the time, all the space and all the dimensions. We just don't get it.

The acceleration component

The most part of General Relativity assumes gravity can be neglected, meaning not considering its role in equations, which simplifies whole lot's of stuff. But let's take an example of above mentioned constant acceleration of 9,8 m/s2 against static gravity, present on Earth surface - both objects are under exact same influences, while for the first one we need to consume enormous energy to keep it accelerating, and for the second one it only needs to be placed statically on Earth surface.

With other words - simulating gravity force would end with consuming all existing energy resources, until all would vanish beyond speed of light in different equations.
But hey - what about temporary accelerations, everyday ones? Like driving a car or launching a rocket into space? These do not consume infinite quantities of energy, but rather only those available, being able to carry along and being said in simple words - I think this is the principle, which The Overall BALANCE of All That Exists protects itself from vanishing. Gravity as some Caretaker takes care that all we take from Earth to burn and consume, returns back to Earth for regeneration. So, in principle, it does not matter how fast we go, or how much we consume on the larger scale, because all that is will stay here.

Now, this is the energy transform law, where energy cannot vanish, nor appear from nothing. And here we came to dimensional transitions.

Trans-dimensional energy transitions

As in above example of 2D nation, these 2D people cannot and will never understand, how may one "thing" appear from 3rd dimension and vanish into it, because they are not built to sense movements beyond 2D. With same analogy we in 3D are not build and will probably never be able to construct a device, which would measure transitions in time-dimension. Even more - not only time-dimension, but also in 5th dimension!

Now magnets come into play

Magnetism is by my theory more gravity-alike, than any other energy. It is not spacetime limited, but by my understanding rather a side-effect of gravity....or maybe vice versa - gravity being side effect of magnetism.
If we take our Earth and strip it down layer by layer, we'll get a ball in size of an orange, with NO gravity! Same is valid for magnets - if we break them down, size them, we'll be left with a single particle, having no magnetic field at all.
So the partial conclusion is that like gravity, magnetism too is a component of spacetime existence, having the same astonishing effect on it - higher the magnetic field, slower the time!

Now, put the gravity and magnetism together

As gravity compresses spacetime, so does magnetism. But precaution here - extreme gravity influences time only INSIDE itself, not outside, meaning that time within center of increased gravity runs slower.
But let's warn about another fact - in lab testing, producing a higher gravity would require us to  - let's picture - twist (rotate and squeeze) time object, so it would become thiner and compressed, spirally twisted into new shape. Space on surface of previously thick object would experience time acceleration at the beginning of experiment, then during its phase new, slower timing would  influence the spacetime of twisted object itself, and when lab testing is over, we would need to release the twist, so the surface would now experience the reversed time shift, returning to previous, normal timeline.
So in basics, we would NEVER be able to measure or experience the shifted time, because when we would be back, no time would lapse.

This is important for the understanding of how magnets are pressured with energy.
By magnetizing the metal we actually "twist" the spacetime component, allowing twisted space to absorb enormous quantities of Earth magnetic energy, being it time-compressed. With other words, permanent magnets from inside are actually high-gravity/magnetism influenced, being thus able to contain a lot more energy, than it has been pressed into them to magnetize them.
This compressed and time-twisted energy can then be slowly released during our (normal) time and it will last longer than any other stored energy.

Let's twist words again:
Magnets are, by my theory, very much alike black-holes, except of that they are not 5-dimensional spacetime-gravity objects, but spacetime-magnetic objects.


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