Sunday, May 6, 2012

STARMAG - Reinvention of power generation

STARMAG stands for Spiral Tunnel Asynchronous Repulsion Magnetic Generator, and it unveils the whole new sight on power generation principle.

Fundamentally STARMAG is more like old steam engine then an electric generator we're all used to see. But repulsion is key to success, because following my theory about energy flows, and taking into account the statical permanent magnetism, the plain simple infinite rotation cannot be obtained directly from statical magnetism. While repulsion is quite self explanatory, the Tunneling principle is more or less invented by me. And the latest is actually what drives the whole thing into astonishing 90% of usable energy and only 10% of waste, needed to propel itself.

STARMAG engine mechanical

Observing first mechanical drawings of STARMAG engine, we conclude quite fast that there are not many parts involved. Still it consists of many moving parts, but since there are no extreme conditions present, no high temperatures nor high RPM involved, no cooling needed, and absolutely no complicated CPU controllers....well, we realise that STARMAG device, made with today's industry standard precision requirements, will last longer than any petrol or diesel engine, and will have MTBF counted in decades, not years.

Putting magnets to work

Quest for the answer is producing countless videos on youtube, claiming to work, but I've not seen any (except one!) employing the correct principle. Some people are actually talking about the major principles, which are key to success, but (except one) nobody seems to put it to work.
Also that one working principle which seems to work, has no explanation on the principle, but instead runs with lucky guess.

So, what are the base principles to obey to get magnetic engine running in overunity, producing seamlessly free power? By my opinion these would be:
  1. The correct timing
    Just like in known principle of combustion engine, where timing is crucial to hit just the right moment to fire air-gas mixture, open valve, close another, push the other cylinder and make it repeat over and over, so the timing is crucial here. Misaligned magnets, incorrect reset pulses, all these produce millions of non-working devices, maybe all being constructed on the correct principle, but with lack of math and engineering behind.
  2. Dynamic magnetic field prediction
    One is the static magnetic field and its forces, which can be observed using special foil or artificially visualized with some computer programs. But another thing is DYNAMIC magnetic field, which is changing its shape, strength and also contents (that's my theory) in highly utilized ambient. This includes, but is not limited to high pass-by speed, high acceleration and deceleration by magnets interaction. 


This would be having (1)  - the correct timing values, correct magnets spacing, angles and offset values. I think I have them!

Would you spend few bucks to help me?

To continue my research and develop a real machine, based on my theory, I will need at least 30.000 EUR. Please, if you can donate at least few bucks, I will be very happy!
Of course you can always call me or drop me an email, and I'll be happy to keep you updated with the latest stage of the project. Please, do, your interest would mean a lot to me! 

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