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Hiccups treatment - How to stop hiccups instantly

Most of us have been in situation, when we were searching the mind, past and internet on how to get rid of annoying hiccups, which simply do not stop. Well, here's maybe the ultimate recipe how to efficiently and quickly stop hiccups.  

Hiccup first aid first

Let's cut the crap and attack the solution first: how to instantly stop hiccups? It's quite simple and surprisingly effective:

  1. Stop eating, drinking, smoking, laughing, short, as your hiccups attack, wait a minute or two, relax, maybe hiccups will stop by itself. But anyways, relax and do not continue with any nervous activity until you solve hiccups.
  2. Go to kitchen or bathroom faucet, lean forward in position like you would be dringking water from faucet. 
  3. You will not drink water from faucet. Instead, you just soak your lips into water well, made of your hand (like drinking) and pull full mouth and part of throat of water, then  force try to BREATHE through your mouth full of water.
    Some air will pass through, but not much. As you are leaned forward, gravity will try to pull water out of your mouth and throat, but you will try to suck and inhale air through your mouth, so your mouth and throat will fill with water. Actually, it's hard for me (non-native English speaker) to describe, but I hope you understand. The point is that your mouth is filled with water almost throat-deep, you are leaned forward and you are trying to breathe through all that water in your mouth and partly in your throat.
    Again, you do NOT need to drink that water, actually, you should NOT even try to. Instead, focus on trying to breathe through all that water - that's the main point.
  4. If you do get the right position, hiccups will stop immediately!

Why? How this hiccups stopping method would work instantly?

It's the nature of hiccups (which are just body alerts to prevent further input of some beverage, which would change digestive flora above acceptable parameters) and our body native response on drowning (mouth full of water). 
Digestive alert is low-priority and life preservation during drowning with mouth full of water is top-priority, so body instantly switches to life preservation mode, discards all alerts and focuses on smooth breathing to inhale as much oxygen as possible, as there's a threat for fresh air supply to be cut very soon. 
This cuts hiccups instantly.

What does NOT help on hiccups?

Most wide spread advises to stop hiccups are:

  • Drink a cup of water, quickly
  • Hold breath for as long as you can
Then there are some unbelievable methods, haven't tried yet:
  • Have an orgasm
  • Drink water while plugging your ears
  • Pull your tongue out
  • Get a rectal massage
  • etc :)
While any method, mentioned here or not, might help or not, there are actually no mentions of any instant method, as I found out and described in previous chapter above. All other methods might influence hiccup mechanism, irritate it or mess with it, so hiccups might stop....or not.

What hiccups actually are?

As I am aware, there is no official description on what hiccup actually is. I know, there are contractions and so on...but what does your body signal out by hic-uping?

Well, I am sure hiccups are some kind of ALERTS and PREVENTIVE measures, which our body takes when upper congestion part is un-balanced beyond healthy limits. The influenced factors, which  - among others - might result in hiccups, are:
  • instant alcality of digestive fluids
  • long-term alcality of digestive fluids
  • blood alcality
  • stomach ulcer iritation
  • ingestion of "just-totaly-wrong-beverage"
  • etc (will add later, as I need to google for english terms)
So when our body detects that our digestive flora is too alkaline and it will not be able to compensate with digestive fluids, it triggers alert in terms of hiccups to prevent further ingestion of irritating beverage (beer, for example) or other ingredient (cigarette smoke, for example). 
If hiccups were not triggered with above mentioned inputs, it might be just digestive acidic fluid flushing at the moment some ulcer or sensitive part of stomach, being acid-eaten too deep.

So drinking water will do some help, but not always. For example, if hiccups are triggered by just acid flushing some painful sores in your stomach, then drinking some water will just raise level of stomach (acidic) fluid, meaning painful sore will be now fully covered with aggressive liquid. This does not good for stomach and neither to hiccups. Actually, in such a case hiccups will be even stronger, as alert level is now even higher.

To be continued...

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